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Role of tongue in diagnosis


Tongue is a strapping organ linked with the run of deglutition,taste and speech.It acts as an by a long shot easy to get to organ for the assessment of  health of an person and shows the situation of hydration of the body.It is alleged that tongue is the mirror of the gastrointestinal system and any abnormal functioning of the stomach and bowels will be reflected on the tongue.
a few characteristic changes appear in the tongue in a quantity of specific diseases.That is why the examination of the tongue is important and will hand over a few clues for diagnosis.All doctors check the tongue and they judge the changes in size,shape,,colour,moisture,coating,nature of papillae and engagements ect.
How the tongue look like in an abnormal situation :
1) actions of the tongue:-
a) In one sided paralysis of the body(hemiplegia)tongue moves towards the parylised aspect as soon as protruded.   
b) Tremulus interest group of the tongue is seen in diseases like thyrotoxicosis,delirium tremens and parkinsonisum.Tremor is and seen in tense patients.
c) In progressive bulbar palsy at hand will be assassination and paralysis of the tongue with fibrillation.Eventually the tongue gets shrivelled and fabrication functionless in the bottom of the mouth.This rider is connected with dribbling of dribble and failure of speech.
d) In chorea(involuntary recurring movements) the long-suffering may not be capable to keep on the protruded tongue in rest,it will be emotive involuntarily.
2. Moistness of the tongue
The moistness of the tongue gives a quantity of hint about the say of hydration of the body.Water amount running down leads to peripheral circulatory catastrophe characterised by weakness,thirst,restlessness,anorexia,nausea,vomiting ,dry and arid tongue.
Dryness of the tongue is seen in next conditions.
a) Diarrhoea
b) shortly stages of rigorous illness
c) higher uraemia
d) Hypovolumic shock
e) warm exhaustion
f) Hyponatraemia
g) Acute intestinal obstruction
h) Starvation
i) Prlonged fasting.
3) variation in colour of tongue:-
a) fundamental cyanosis:-
Cyanosis is the bluish discolouration of the mucus crust right and proper to dropping off in the quantity of oxygen in the blood.This is seen in sympathy failure,respiratory catastrophe and in anoxia.In cyanosis tongue,lips ect becomes pale bluish.
b) Jaundice:-
This is the yellowish discolouration of entirely mucus surfaces of the mass (including tongue)due to multiplication of bilirubin in the blood.Jaundice is seen in hepatitis,bile tube obstruction,increased destruction of RBCs and ect...
c) highly developed uremia:-
This is the escalation of urea and other nitrogenous garbage harvest in the blood suitable to kidney failure.Here the tongue befall brown in colour.
d) Keto acidosis:-
This is the acidosis with heap of ketone bodies seen primarily in diabetes mellitus.Here the tongue turn into brown with a archetypal ketone smell from the mouth.
e) Riboflavin deficiency:-
Lack of this vitamin (vitamin B2) produces megenta colour of the tongue with discomfort and unwanted sore on lips.     
f) Niacin deficiency:-
Lack of niacin (vitamin B3)and particular other Bcomplex vitamins leads to dazzling scarlet or strapping ruby tongue.
g) Anaemia:-
It is the reduction in haemoglobin level of the blood.In Spartan anaemia tongue becomes pale.
4) Coat on the tongue:-
a) Unpleasant breath:-
The focal initiate for unhappy breath is formation of a ashen coating(bio film) on the tongue which brings about alot of anaerobic bacteria ensuing in the creation of offensive gases.Those who nag about critical breath may come up with thick varnish on the latter segregate of the tongue.
b) Typhoid fever:-
In typhoid fever tongue becomes ashen coared like a fur.
c) Candidiasis;-
It is a fungal infection which affects the mucus shows on the body.On the tongue will there be sloughing fair lesions.
d) In diabetes and hypoadrenalism in attendance will be sloughing pasty lesions.
e) resultant syphilis:-
Syphilis is a sexually transmitted diseases (STD)  caused by trepenoma pallidum infection.In consequential present of this disease we be capable of catch sight of mucous patches which are painless,smooth ashen glystening opalescent plaques which canister not be frayed off easily.
f) leokoplakia
Tongue and oral cavity is coloured with white keratotic patches. This is a precancerous condition.
g) AIDS:-
Hairy leukoplakia is commonly seen in patients with AIDS
h) Peritonitis:-
It is the soreness of the peritonium(inner casing of abdominal crack which additionally covers the bowels and care for them in position) in this case which then cause white flur on the tongue.
i) Acute illness:-
Furring is furthermore seen in around acute diseases.
5) Papillae:-
These are lesser projections on the rongue connected with taste.There are numerous capture of papillae on the hale and hearty tongue.In a little diseases at hand are a little abnormal changes which are following.
a) Hairy tongue:-
This situation is scheduled to elongation of filiform papillae seen in poverty-stricken oral hygeine ,general impediment and indigestion.
b) Geographic tongue:-
Here unacceptable ruby and pasty patches show on the tongue.These lesions looks like a geographic map.The excact affect is not known.
c) medium rhomboid glossitis:-
In this specification at hand is flat nodular ruby locale in the later average ideology of the tongue.This is a inveterate condition.
d) Dietetic deficiency:-
In dietetic deficiency nearby is glossitis(inflammation of tongue) primary to papillary hypertrophy followed by atrophy.    
e) benign migratory glossitis-
It is an inflamatory state of the tongue where several annular areas of desquamation of papillae become visible on the tongue which budge from region to region in only some days.
f) Insufficient Thiamine and riboflavin
Insufficient of these vitamins set off hypertrophied filiform and fungiform papillae.
g) Niacin and iron deficiency:-
In this precondition here is shrivel of papillae.Smooth tongue is encountered in iron deficiency.
h) Insufficiency of Vitamin A
This causes creased tongue.
i) In food megaloblastic anaemia tongue becomes smooth.
j) Insufficient Folic acid
Here macrocytic megaloblastic anaemia with glossitis is seen.
k) Cyano coblamine deficiency:-
Here glossitis with macrocytic megaloblastic anaemia and peripheral neuropathy is encountered.  
l) Scarlet fever;-
In this streptococcal infection in attendance is brilliant burgundy papillae rank out of a thick white fur ,later the white coat go parting enlarged papillae on the intense ruby go up and is called strawberry tongue.
6) Ulcers on the tongue:--
a) Apthous ulcer:-
These are set aching ulcers come out in stressed folks frequently. May be coupled with chow allergy.Usual sites are tongue,lips,oral mucosa and ect.
b) Herpes simplex:-
It is an acute vesicular eruptions shaped by herpes simplex virus.When these vesicles break it forms ulcers.
c) boil in cancer:-
Cancerous ulcers are having everted edges with fast base.Bleeding is too seen.Cancer of the tongue is unexceptional in tobacco chewers.
d) Syphilitic ulcers:-
Syphilitic fissures are longitudinal in direction.In most important syphilis addition genital chancre is seen on the tongue.In lesser syphilis several shallow ulcers are seen on the under facade and sides of the tongue.In tertiary syphilis gumma may be seen on the midline of the dorsum of the tongue.
e) Dental ulcers:-
These ulcers are formed by quick edges of carious teeth.

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